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Our Service
Backed by many years of experience in the industry and insight into market demands, YHY Group provides power adapters, battery chargers and the most complete power management solutions, which are known for high quality, high performance, low loss and high stability, in the consumer electronics, network communication industries, etc.
Rapid R&D Strength

4 R&D engineers, including 1 Chief Engineer, 1 R&D Engineer and 2 Assistant Engineer.

The engineering department can develop 5-7 new projects every month, with an average project development cycle of 3-4 weeks, and the develop timely completion rate of 99%.

We have successfully customized different power supply for many customers all over the word, such as SHARP, Samsung, V-Tech, Bosch ,JVC, Health Smart, SoClean,etc.

More than 1500 clients from all over the world.

Super Delivery Capability

Monthly capacity: 450,000pcs.

Fast Delivery Time: Samples 1-3 working days, bulk order 15 working days or so.

Factory All-round Testing
All power adapters from YHY Group have to pass extensive testing procedures before delivery. The Factory Acceptance Test for customized power adapters is carried out according to the customer’s specifications.
The specific test items are as follows
100% PCBA Testing
100% Semi-finished Product Testing
100% Power-on Testing
100% Hi-pot Testing
100% Burn-In Test
100% All Function Testing
Customization Service

It can be customized according to customer requirements.

YHY Group has a very broad range of AC/DC power adapters, chargers Most of our customers will find a suitable power adapter or charger for their application in our portfolio but sometimes special requirements need custom modifications or a customized products. The customization services we can provide include and are not limited to product appearance, power output, DC cable length and connector, built-in power supply.

Super Delivery Capability

24/7 online service

3 year warranty

Non-artificial damage, if there are quality problems, support for exchange and repair.

Even after the purchase, we focus on 24/7 online customer service. YHY Group’s sales team is ready to answer any technical questions you may have about your purchased power adapters. You can also get in contact with one of our experts if the problems require a deeper specialist knowledge. YHY Group offers the best possible service for all power adapters sold. When there is a quality problem with our adapters, we can provide a return or repair service within the 3-year warranty period.

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