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24volts 2.7a medical power supplies

Model number:YHY-24002700

Input:Universal 100-240Vac;50/60Hz

Output: 24V 2.7A 64.8W

No load power consumption <0.21W

3 years warranty

Product Details
The wall-mount medical adaptors consist of fixed US plug (U Type), EU plug (E Type), as well as interchangeable AC plug. There are also 12V/15V/18V/24V/48V/56V output voltage models for customer selection. Power supplies play a critical role in ensuring patient safety with any medical device and must meet strict international standards. YHY Power’s wide range of medical power supplies are certified to the most recent edition of the international safety standard IEC 60601-1, edition 3.1, for 2 x MOPP applications. 
Main features
♦ AC Plugs: USA, TUV, UK, SAA, PIN
♦ High efficiency up to 88.00%
♦ Protection: SCP,OVP,OCP,OTP
♦ Approval: ETL, CB, CE etc.
Medical safety certifications: IEC/EN 60601-1
♦ 2 x MOPP

All Models
Model Output Voltage(V) Output Cerrent(A) Power(W)
YHY-12004000 12V 4A 48W
YHY-12005000 12V 5A 60W
YHY-15003000 15V 3A 45W
YHY-15004000 15V 4A 60W
YHY-16003000 16V 3A 48W
YHY-18003000 18V 3A 54W
YHY-20003000 20V 3A 60W
YHY-20003250 20V 3.25A 65W
YHY-24002500 24V 2.5A 60W
YHY-24002700 24V 2.7A 64.8W
YHY-48001000 48V 1A 48W
YHY-48001250 48V 1.25A 60W
YHY-56001000 56V 1A 56W

65W Wall mount
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